Protect your Employees and Visitors

as you re-open your business

– Adheres to FDA Recommendations
– Certified Health Canada Class 1 Medical Device
– Certified Personal Protective Equipment(PPE)
– Made In Canada

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Accurate, Affordable, Automated thermal-detection system
Prepares businesses, institutions and venues to re-open for a safer environment
ThermaScans is a simple, low-cost,thermal imaging system designed to automate body temperature
screening using skin temperature as a proxy. With immediate notification of results to appropriate staff,
ThermaScans provides a seamless experience.
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ThermaScans is a simple, low-cost, temperature scanning system that provides a seamless experience.
A person walks up to the scanner and an accurate temperature scan is completed within 3 seconds.
Our scanner’s built-in voice prompts the person to proceed or standby based on a ‘normal’ or ‘above normal’ scan.
If it’s an ‘above normal’ scan an immediate email/text notification is sent directly to the appropriate staff to take action.
ThermaScans dashboard shows images of scans that have exceeded temperature threshold.

Making The Invisible Visible

With ThermaScans, we transpose the invisible far-infrared wavelengths into vivid thermal images. We’ll help you see more of the world in front of you.

Hassle-Free Operation

Combining AI face detection and thermal images to give immediate notification of results is now possible within seconds. Easily set it up and you’re ready to take thermal scanning to the next degree.

We’ve Got You Uncovered

With higher resolutions for greater image detail and temperature accuracy, we’ll know when something’s up. We’ll help you stay safe and healthy.

Key Features



Our ThermaScans can auto recalibrate and set a temperature threshold, while differentiating between background thermal environments and people.


Install and go! With easy installation and immediate results, ThermaScans provides a multi-person scan approach, providing a fast and seamless experience.


Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in Canada. 100% Canadian product.


Protect your employees and customers as your workplace re-opens with contactless thermal scanning. ThermaScans eliminates the need for exposure with its contactless approach, providing a seamless process.


Affordable thermal screening system that has received Health Canada Class 1 certification during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency. ThermaScans also meets the FDA guidelines for initial body temperature assessment.

Suitable For

Technical Specifications


8M Pixel Camera
3280×2464 pixel static images output as 1080P30, 720P60
640x480P90 video

Thermal Sensor

8×8 Grid (64 Pixel)
Each pixel has ability to set temperature threshold
Calibrated accuracy of 0.5C to 1C.
10Hz Frame rate
Sensor can rotate 30 degrees from center focus to align with user forehead

Software and Services Features

Admin and Security login features including access on website dashboard and Android App
Ability to set up and change thresholds
Historical temperature tracking
Immediate notification of exceedance to appropriate staff

System Availability

Units available immediately
Secure supply chain
Local Ontario manufacturing and support centres
$1899 Unit with 1 year subscription included

Additional Features

Illuminating ring light for operation and identification under low light conditions
Proximity sensor for presence and distance detection enabling accurate readings within 2 ft
Audio prompts, delivering audible status and scan result notifications in real time. 2W speaker. (Customizable to your business)
Integrated tripod mount and keyhole cutout for flexibility of installation (tripod or wall)

Our Clients


The unit can be set up in under 5 mins
There is a $200 annual dashboard management fee
No, you can mount the unit anywhere using 3M hooks


A team dedicated to solve business challenges with best in class technology


We are a team of dedicated hardware engineers and software developers who are passionate about the health and well being of our fellow humans.


Our vision is to provide the most accurate and meaningful health and disease forecasting. We believe in transparency and social responsibility


We deployed multiple scanners at key public spaces including Victoria Hall to measure forehead temperatures as citizens began using public spaces.





Chairman & Cofounder


Vice President - Sales


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