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ThermaScans Sensor

ThermaScans Sensor

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Thermal Eye Device Image
Scan Diagram
Thermascans Dashboard 1
Thermascans Physical Device


Set up within minutes, our Real-Time Thermal Detection System provides automated temperature scanning capabilities while eliminating close physical contact. With immediate notification of results to the appropriate staff, ThermaScans, provides a seamless experience.


Additional information


8M Pixel Camera
3280×2464 pixel static images output as 1080P30, 720P60
640x480p90 video

Thermal Sensor

8×8 Grid (64 Pixel)
Each pixel has ability to set temperature threshold
Calibrated accuracy of 0.5C to 1C.
10Hz Frame rate
Sensor can rotate 30 degrees from center focus to align with user forehead
Auto recalibration


Admin and Security login features including access on website dashboard and android App
Ability to set up and change thresholds
Historical temperature tracking
Immediate notification of exceedance to appropriate staff

System Availability

Units available immediatley
Secure supply chain
Local Ontario manufacturing and support centres
$1899 Unit with 1 year subscription included